NCAA says Oklahoma State's remarks about postseason ban were 'unacceptable'

NCAA says Oklahoma State’s remarks about postseason ban were ‘unacceptable’

The NCAA issued a statement Thursday regarding Oklahoma State’s “unacceptable” remarks following the organization’s ruling to ban the Cowboys men’s basketball team from the 2022 postseason just over a week ago.

Per the NCAA, comments from Oklahoma State personnel about their infractions caused by NCAA volunteer committee members and staff to receive threatening and messages.

Immediately following the NCAA’s decision to deny the Cowboys appeal on Nov. 3, head coach Mike Boynton and athletic director Chad Weiberg voiced their deep-rooted frustrations, with Boynton dropping names from the committee.

“The committee on infractions: Alberto Gonzales, Joel Maturi, Gary Miller, Vince Nicastro, Larry Parkinson, Thomas Sullivan and I don’t know the young man’s name who’s the general counsel at Princeton (Sankar Suryanarayan). I can’t say it and I won’t try to butcher it, “Boynton told The Oklahoman.


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